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Video: Female Alabama Fan Gets Mad At OU Fans At The Sugar Bowl, Dives On Top Of Them To Start Brawl

Crazy lady.

Update: Here is the raw footage of the incident (without the Seven Nation Army playing) -- you can enjoy the chaos in its natural beauty:

Earlier: Last night, there was a fantastic battle in New Orleans between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl. It also appears that there was a nice battle taking place in the stands, too.

One female Alabama supporter, who may or may not have been heavily intoxicated, was not pleased with the Sooners supporters in her section at the Superdome. She originally got into a verbal altercation with a young man nearby, but was pulled away from the confrontation by a man who appeared to be attending the game with her. He tried to lead her up the stairs and out of the section, but when he turned his back, just for a second, she ran back toward the Sooners fans and dove right on top of them, trying to throw punches. It was quite a scene, and of course, it was captured on video by @KELLLLKAY:

[Jordan Esco]