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Video: Legendary WWE Announcer Jim Ross Gives His Call Of "Kick Six" While On The Air With Paul Finebaum

We've had an entire college football season go by since, but we're still blown away by the "Kick Six," the amazing play that ended the 2013 Iron Bowl. If you're reading this site, unless you're an Alabama fan of course, we assume you feel the same way. SEC Network's Paul Finebaum had legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross on his program today, and took the chance to have J.R., a die-hard college football fan, give his call of the legendary play. Spoiler alert: he does a very nice job with it.

We appreciate how J.R. really turns it on at the end, and can't help but imagine how pumped he'd be if his beloved Oklahoma Sooners were in Auburn's position. Either way, well done.

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