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Video: WWE Trolled Fans At The University Of Texas Last Night By Having A Wrestler Cheer For Oklahoma

Give World Wrestling Entertainment credit: when it decides it wants to make fun of something and get a reaction out of its crowd, it goes all out. Sometimes, this plan backfires, but when it works, it's usually hilarious. Last night, WWE Monday Night Raw was in Austin on the campus of the University of Texas. Of course, if you want people at Texas to boo as loudly as possible, there's only one thing you can do: make an Oklahoma fan the center of attention. WWE superstar Damien Sandow came out to the crowd as "Boomer Sooner" played, he wore an OU shirt and an OU helmet, and patronized Longhorns fans, saying that the Sooners have dominated Texas. It went over about as well as you'd expect.

Unfortunately for Sandow, his match last night was against Mark Henry, who is legitimately one of the strongest men on earth and a huge Texas fan. After Sandow turned the hook 'em horns upside down, the match started, and Henry quickly got the win by pinfall. As you can guess, Henry celebrated his win with Longhorn fans and threw up the hook 'em horns the proper way.