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Watch: Baker Mayfield Taunts Baylor Players During Warmups, Says He'll "Spank" Them

Baker Mayfield taunts Baylor players during warmups.

Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield didn't hold back.

Oklahoma and Baylor face off today in what would have been a good matchup several years ago, but will serve as nothing more than a walk-through for Baker Mayfield and the No. 2 ranked Sooners this time around.

During warmups earlier Mayfield was feeling himself a little bit, and following a scuffle with Baylor players, he launched some barbs their way.

"You forgot who daddy is. I'm going to have to spank you today," he says as he walks away.

Pretty bold to hurl insults like that on someone else's turf, but Mayfield is bold guy.

You can watch it below:

Truth be told, Mayfield, the Heisman frontrunner, was pretty accurate in his insults. Oklahoma is on top of the Big 12, and the Bears are, in fact, probably going to get spanked in front of their home crowd.

Oklahoma is a 28-point favorite, and the game kicks off at 6:30 p.m. E.T.