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10 Photos/Videos Of Marcus Smart That Prove He's Actually A Really Cool Guy

By now, you've know doubt seen the footage of Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart shoving Texas Tech fan Jeff Orr during last night's Cowboys vs. Red Raiders game. A day later, Smart's perception around the country is taking a beating - many believe that the incident may have hurt his draft stock. But as you'll see from his Instagram page below, he's actually a pretty cool guy. Here's why:

1. He shouts out his family members often

2. Like most of us, he has a questionable fashion sense

3. He supports Team USA

">June 12, 2012

4. He's on top of his teammates' birthdays5. He takes his academics seriously6. He's not afraid to sport a new look every so often

">November 22, 2012

7. He respects great men in our country's history

8. He's dealt with a broken iPhone, just like the rest of us

">November 27, 2012

9. He turned down the NBA for another shot at winning a championship with his teammates

10. He has a tattoo dedicated to his older brother, who passed away