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10 Takeaways From SI's 'The Drugs' Report On Oklahoma State

Much ado about nothing?

Today, the third part of the Sports Illustrated series on Oklahoma State has been released: 'The Drugs'. On Tuesday, the publication kicked off with 'The Money', and followed up with the 'The Academics' -- both reports have been met with much criticism.

Today's focus was the alleged drug use that took place at OSU -- you can read it here. Here are our ten takeaways. Remember that this is all alleged.

  • 30 members of the Oklahoma State program told SI that they used marijuana while on the football team -- 3 of them admitted to dealing
  • Marijuana was the "drug of choice", but some players also did cocaine, hydrocodone pills, and codeine syrup
  • Players used to smoke marijuana before practice and football games, particularly before matchups "with 'run-over teams' like Kansas"
  • Oklahoma State has a four-strike drug policy before kicking players off the team -- most schools operate with a three-strike policy
  • Oklahoma State ran a weekly "Weed Circle" -- a counseling program in which drug abusing players would come to talk about and solve their issues. However, players in the Weed Circle could continue smoking without repercussion, as they were seen as "dealing with" the problem
  • Mike Gundy and his coaching staff would joke about drug use -- one staff member once said "If you were trying to get to a blunt I'd bet you'd throw that weight up"
  • Oklahoma State would overlook drug abuse if the players were producing, and give significantly more chances to star players, often putting them in the Weed Circle to continue smoking
  • Several players reported repeatedly failed drug tests but were not punished
  • The Oklahoma State program would punish the players who weren't producing, and players who were no longer important to the team, such as players who suffered season-ending injuries
  • Joel Tudman, the head of the Oklahoma State drug counseling program, has never actually had any formal training in drug counseling

Part four of the series is titled 'The Sex' and will be released tomorrow morning -- here's an excerpt:

Under Les Miles, membership in Orange Pride, the football program's hostess group, tripled as the organization became a key recruiting tool. Players say that a small number of women in the group had sex with recruits. Says Artrell Woods, a Cowboys wide receiver from 2006 to '08, "The idea was to get [recruits] to think if they came [to OSU] it was going to be like that all the time, with all these girls wanting to have sex with you."

That one could get really scary -- however, the first three segments of the SI report have been pretty underwhelming.