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Listen: The Oklahoman Columnist Berry Tramel Doesn't Think Big 12 Expansion Will Happen

Big 12 expansion is far from a guarantee, according to The Oklahoman columnist Berry Tramel.

Tramel joined SportsDayDFW's "Ballzy" podcast to discuss a number of Big 12 topics. You can listen to the full episode here:

Expansion came up, as you'd expect, and Tramel had some very interesting tidbits about its potential. Notably, he thinks Oklahoma State may be a major hindrance for Houston's candidacy. Dallas News transcribed key portions of the discussion between Tramel and podcast hosts Barry Horn and Kevin Sherrington:

Tramel: The last 20 years, OU has done more of its [recruiting] damage in Dallas than Houston. Oklahoma State has really gone into Houston the last 20 years. [The Houston airport has] a huge billboard in the terminal as you're walking to baggage claim: "Oklahoma State University - a brighter shade of orange." The Sooners have not capped as many out of Houston as they have out of Dallas.

Horn: Will the resurrection of the Houston program affect Oklahoma-Oklahoma State?

Tramel: OSU absolutely does not want Houston in the Big 12. I don't think OU does either but I don't think they're adamant about it. It'd cost them a recruit or two. OSU thinks hey it could cost us a bunch of recruits.

Tramel actually doesn't believe the Big 12 will wind up expanding at all, when all is said and done.

That would be an incredibly anti-climatic finish to this whole saga, but if member schools can't agree, it is definitely on the table.

Horn: Is there any way if there's expansion to keep Houston out?

Tramel: I don't think there's going to be an expansion. I don't think there is. I think there are some schools that don't want it and even if you get the chances to have expansion, then you've got to go back to the table and figure out food. I don't think there's a consensus there. My money is stronger and stronger on no expansion.

Sherrington: I think so too.

With early losses by Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and TCU, the Big 12's chances of missing the College Football Playoff could also play into a decision here. At this point, very little in Big 12 expansion would surprise us. Except for reported finalist Tulane. That would be pretty shocking.

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