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Charles Barkley Calls Former Oklahoma State Players Who Spoke With SI "Punk Mothers"

Sir Charles was on fire yesterday.

Charles Barkley covered a number of interesting topics on ESPN Chicago's Waddle & Silvy radio show yesterday, including a comparison of Miley Cyrus to Johnny Manziel and how former coach Mike Ditka likes to grunt. But his most passionate comments came in reference to the former Oklahoma State players who were quoted in Sports Illustrated's "The Dirty Game" series. Check it out:

"I've always said, any player who takes money in college and then when he can't play anymore, and he's just a bum on the street, and then he turns his college in, is just a punk "mother". Let me repeat that, I can say what I want, you can paraphrase later. Any college player who takes money and don't have any problem with it until the end of his education, and don't make it in the pros and he wants to come out and turn away his college, like all these people at Oklahoma State are doing, I just think he's a punk mother. They did it at Auburn a couple years ago, and I just think they are the biggest scumbags in the world. I hate a rat, man...

...well I am saying breaking the rules is okay. If they want to give you some extra money on the side? You're out there killing yourself. I have no problem with that. I've said that before. ...they're making tens of millions of dollars on you. Come on, those rules are archaic. You know, we've always broken the rules..."

Barkley seems to be insinuating that it's commonplace for big-time programs to break NCAA rules, but that it's understood that players are supposed to keep quiet about it. Is he right?