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Darren Rovell Tweets T. Boone Pickens Is No Longer Billionaire, Pickens Has Perfect Response


It's been a rough seven days for T. Boone Pickens, Oklahoma State's largest benefactor. First, his alma mater was the target of Sports Illustrated's 'The Dirty Game' report -- Pickens released a response calling it "disappointing." Now, the insanely wealthy figure is being chided for, you know, not having enough money.

This morning, Darren Rovell tweeted about Pickens no longer being a bilionaire. Of course, this means that Pickens has lost a lot of money recently, but he took it all in stride and responded perfectly:

Gotta hand this one to Pickens -- he probably is doing just fine, and it's hard to hate on somebody who is being incredibly charitable with his hard-earned money. On the flip side, I don't think that Rovell actually meant his first tweet to come out maliciously, although tagging Pickens in it was an odd choice.