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Doug Gottlieb Apologizes For His Tweet About Oklahoma State

Doug Gottlieb speaks during his show.

Former Oklahoma State basketball player and FS1 radio host Doug Gottlieb was criticized yesterday for a tweet he shared about his alma mater's football program. He shared some details about what policies Mike Gundy agreed to change moving forward.

Oklahoma State captain Amen Ogbongbemiga didn't agree with the wording of Gottlieb's post, as he responded back saying "Be careful what you say and who you listen to. The entirety of this isn’t true and depicts a bad image on us."

A little less than 24 hours later, Gottlieb went back on Twitter to provide clarity to this situation. More importantly, he issued an apology.

"This is a bad tweet. It was simply relaying what I was told. It lacks feeling in the room and the real heart of what players feel and want," Gottlieb wrote on Twitter. "I was wrong to tweet (and have bad grammar) these demands without context or substance. I was wrong."

Gottlieb also addressed the current group of student-athletes at Oklahoma State, saying "Your voices have and will continue to be heard. I’m sure you have relayed something you heard in an incorrect manner before...hope you can understand."

Even if Gottlieb didn't mean for his tweet to come off an insensitive, apologizing about it is the right move here.

We'll find out on social media if Oklahoma State players will accept his apology.