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Check Out Mike Gundy Attempting To Dance After Win Over Texas

Mike Gundy


WARNING: What you are about to see from Mike Gundy isn't pretty.

Oklahoma State picked up a nice win against Texas on Saturday by the final count of 49-31. Whether or not the loss puts Charlie Strong's job in jeopardy is an unknown, but we do know one thing and that is that 'Pokes head coach Mike Gundy can not dance.

Here he is celebrating the win over the Longhorns:

You know from the very start that this is about to be bad as soon as he starts swaying his arms back and forth.

It gets even worse when he starts moving closer and closer to the ground in some sort of squatting motion.

The arm swaying may be the most cringe worthy part of the dance. It's almost as if he is imitating a monkey.

Shoutout to the person filming this video and keeping such a steady hand in the midst of watching that spectacle.

Keep doing you, Mr. Gundy.