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Report: Oklahoma State Official Found Out About Brad Underwood's Departure Via Twitter

Oklahoma State's basketball players celebrating.

Oklahoma State did not know it was losing head basketball coach Brad Underwood. According to a report by ESPN's Andy Katz, one school official found out on Twitter.

From Katz:

Just spoke with an Oklahoma State official and was told Brad Underwood flew back with the team after the Michigan game Friday, landing at 8 pm CT. There was no indication he was leaving. School official was stunned and learned about his hiring at Illinois via twitter.

Underwood makes the jump to Illinois a day after taking Oklahoma State to the NCAA Tournament in his first year in Stillwater. The Pokes lost a tight one to Michigan in the first game of Friday afternoon's slate as a 10-seed.

Underwood was reportedly only making $1 million at Oklahoma State, a low total for a Power Five head coach, but there was hope that the school would renegotiate after a strong first year. USA Today's Dan Wolken says that the school never really opened it up, even after the tournament berth.

The Underwood departure should be pretty disconcerting for Oklahoma State basketball fans. Illinois is not exactly a tremendous jump up from where the Cowboys are, and if the program isn't willing to open the checkbook, it's going to be hard to keep a top coach around. Unless, of course, that Doug Gottlieb turns out to be a top coach...