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Watch: Oklahoma State And Dancin' Mike Gundy Did The 'Mannequin Challenge'

Oklahoma State did the Mannequin Challenge this week.


Oklahoma State Mannequin Challenge is the latest video in the viral trend, with a fantastic cameo by head coach Mike Gundy.

The challenge, which involved people staying frozen in specific poses so that they look like an arrangement of Mannequins while a camera pans, has hit the college football world, with Clemson, Michigan, and Ohio State all taking part in recent weeks.

Oklahoma State often celebrates big wins with dance parties led by Mike Gundy, who has some very strange and specific moves, and a budding mullet to match. Naturally, the Cowboys have joined in on the trend, and put up their Mannequin Challenge this afternoon.

Gundy's cameo towards the end is perfect.

We're not sure how much life the Mannequin Challenge has left—these internet trends are pretty fleeting, generally—but this is a strong effort by Gundy and the Cowboys.

Oklahoma State football is 7-2, and hosts Texas Tech in what promises to be a fun Big 12 shootout this Saturday.