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Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy Celebrates Victory Over No. 10 WVU By Dancing

Mike Gundy in the middle of his Oklahoma State players.


Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy celebrated the upset win over West Virginia with some really awkward "dancing."

Oklahoma State shocked No. 10 West Virginia today, taking the win 37-20, and it was the Cowboys' game to lose the entire way; at the half it was already 20-10. The victory also happened to be Mike Gundy's 100th career win, the cherry on top of a dominating performance, you could say.

So, head coach Mike Gundy celebrated the win the only way he knows how: by dancing.

I don't know how much of that can be considering dancing and how much of that is just, kind of, swaying. But who am I to judge? The man just got his 100th career win. I say dance away, Mike. You've earned it.

The Cowboys are now 6-2 and have won four in a row. Next week they take on Kansas State.