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Photo: Marcus Smart Is Apparently Now "Floppy Bird"

Oklahoma State guard Marcus Smart, who many believe will be chosen in the top ten of this year's upcoming NBA Draft, has recently gained a bit of a reputation as a "flopper" - meaning he will often fall down after little or no contact when playing defense. In fact, he's even admitted it - check out what he told reporters after his team's loss to Iowa State earlier this week.

"I've probably built up a little reputation, and I'm not questioning that. But I'm not the only one flopping. Every team and every player does it to make sure you get the call."

Well, someone on Reddit decided to poke some fun at Smart - Flappy Bird style. For those unaware, Flappy Bird is a fairly difficult smartphone game that has been trending over the past few weeks. 

">February 6, 2014

 Well done. Now we just need a LeBron James version.

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