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Report: Peyton Manning Received $105,000 To Speak At Oklahoma State

Do you attend a southern school with a good football program? If so, there's a good chance that Peyton Manning may be stopping by your school this off-season. First, Manning played basketball at Duke, which does qualify as a "good football program" at the moment. Next, he went to Alabama to visit Nick Saban and "become a better player." This week, Manning visited Stillwater to give a speech and do a Q&A session for Oklahoma State students...and to make a bit of money as well.

According to the Tulsa World, not everyone was happy with the reported $105,000 price tag for an hour of Manning's time, but ultimately OSU thought it was a worthy investment:

OSU's Speakers Board paid Manning $105,000 for his time. There was debate on campus as to whether Manning was worth the price tag to bring him to Stillwater. Chairman Patrick Alland the money was well spent and he would do it again.

No word yet on whether Manning spent time with Mike Gundy to become a better authoritative speaker.

[Tulsa World via Fox Sports]