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Video: TNT's Andrew Catalon Describes Oklahoma State's Fouling Strategy As "Hack-A-Polack", Apologizes

Update: Catalon has tweeted about the incident, saying he apologized to Karnowski directly.

">March 22, 2014

Original: Gonzaga-Oklahoma State was one of the ugliest games of the NCAA Tournament so far, between sloppy play, dozens of foul calls, and towards the end of the game, an unfortunate turn of phrase by play-by-play announcer Andrew Catalon.

With a few minutes left, the Cowboys put Gonzaga forward Przemek Karnowski, a 7-foot-1 center from Poland, on the line to shoot free throws. Przemek is not a great free throw shooter, only converting on 50.9% of his attempts, and Catalon unfortunately referred to Oklahoma State's strategy as "hack-a-Polack", perhaps not realizing that is a slur often used for Polish people.

Catalon quickly realized his mistake, and apologized multiple times for the call, although he didn't go into much detail about it. 

This is a game everyone is going to want to forget. Gonzaga won the game 85-77.