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Video: Chargers First Rounder Jason Verrett Joins The Ranks Of Athletes Who Are Awful At Throwing A Baseball

Logic would dictate that a professional athlete in any sport could probably throw a baseball 60 feet with some modicum of accuracy. However, baseball's ceremonial first pitches prove this wrong time and time again. The latest example is Chargers first round pick Jason Verrett. The TCU product "threw" out a first pitch at yesterday's Padres game...if you can call it that. More accurately, he spiked the ball about four feet in front of himself. 

At least Verrett has a sense of humor about it. He posted the video on his Instagram account, blaming his shoulder injury on the hilariously bad throw.

Please, athletes, take a few warm up tosses to make sure you don't embarrass yourselves before throwing a first pitch. Or don't, because these videos are always hilarious.