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Reports: Texas AD Mike Perrin Joined In Student Chants Of "Charlie!" After Longhorns Upset Baylor

Charlie Strong and Texas scored a huge win over previously undefeated Baylor tonight, and athletic director Mike Perrin chanted his coach's name after the game.

The Longhorns knocked Baylor from the ranks of the unbeaten, 35-34, adding another zig to the constantly zig-zagging hot seat status of their head coach. Who really knows what the Texas administration will choose to do with Strong at season's end, but based on his public statements and actions tonight, Perrin appears to be all-in on him.

According to multiple reports, Perrin joined Texas' student section in chanting Charlie Strong's name after the win.

Perrin tweeted a picture of his embrace with Strong after the game as well.

Seeing everyone at Texas all-smiles after a big win is great, as Strong has had a really rough go of it in Austin, and it may not entirely be his fault. If the Longhorns continue their up-and-down play, however, and Texas does choose to fire him, it makes this whole scene very awkward.

Either way, we hope Strong enjoys this win. It is a big one, and he deserves that much. We know Louisville, Ohio State, Washington, and other College Football Playoff three- and four-seed hopefuls appreciate his efforts tonight.