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Charlie Strong On Texas' Performance: "It's An Embarrassment"

The Texas Longhorns were beaten down by BYU on Saturday night, as the Cougars walked into Austin and destroyed the Longhorns, 41-7. Yes, Texas was without starting quarterback David Ash, and the team is in a near-constant state of turmoil while head coach Charlie Strong tries to change its culture, but a 34 point loss at home to an unranked team is still a bad look for any school, let alone one with the prestigious football history of Texas.

After the game, Strong gave his comments on the game, and as you can expect, he wasn't happy.

">September 7, 2014

Unfortunately for the team, its next three games are against No. 11 UCLA, No. 10 Baylor, and No. 4 Oklahoma. If the Longhorns can't bounce back from the loss to BYU, Texas may be in major trouble.