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Charlie Strong Put Signs Of BYU's 2013 Stats Around Texas' Complex Hoping They'd Be Ripped Down, They Weren't

In the week leading up to Texas' game against Brigham Young, new-Longhorns' coach Charlie Strong attempted a motivational tactic with his team. The 54-year-old walked around his program's facility, taping signs with BYU's 2013 stats all over the walls. He wanted someone--a leader, hopefully--to disgustingly tear them down. 

No one did. 

Texas, without starting quarterback David Ash, fell to BYU, 41-7. 

It would be a reach to say that Texas players' failure to rip down the signs has anything to do with their faults on the field. And, to be fair, if a big-time college football coach tapes something to the walls of his facility, what athlete would have the guts to tear it down? 

This does say something about the apparent disconnect between Strong and his players, though. Strong wants to run the Longhorns' program like he did Louisville's, and that doesn't seem to be happening yet. 

Texas plays UCLA this weekend in Dallas.