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Charlie Strong Says That The Culture Won't Change At Texas "Until The Attitude Of The Players Change"

Calling new Texas head football coach Charlie Strong an authoritarian is almost a bit of an understatement. Ever since coming to Austin, Strong has been incredibly strict, and has been clear that he won't put up with any nonsense from his players. For Strong, everything he's done -- from kicking players off of the team to making his players earn the right to wear the Longhorns on their helmet -- has been because he wants to change the culture at Texas. Today, Strong explained that the culture will eventually change, but that it won't happen until his players' attitudes change.

">August 8, 2014

This is a big statement by Strong, as it puts the burden of responsibility on his players to get in line. If you're a Texas fan, you have to hope that the players buy into Strong's system as soon as possible, and the perceived culture problems that Strong sees are fixed as soon as possible.