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David Ash: "Sometimes I Miss Football So Bad I Could Die"

This time last year, Texas Longhorns quarterback David Ash was prepping for what he hoped would be a promising 2014 season as the starter in Austin. A year later, not only is Ash not playing football for the squad - he most likely will never play again. Ash suffered numerous concussions in his short career, and after just one game last year, he was forced to hang it up for good. 

Ash has remained part of the team after his retirement, but it's clear that he still longs to play the sport he loves. How do we know? He told his Twitter followers last night that he misses football so much he could "die."

No, we don't think Ash means it literally. But it's clear that he's having a hard time adjusting to life outside the lines. Regardless, it's obvious that he made the right decision for his long-term health.