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Daylon Mack Is Having Fun With Charlie Strong's "I Don't Know If I Want To Go Walking Into College Station" Quote

Five star defensive tackle Daylon Mack is quickly becoming a fan favorite for Texas A&M faithful. When he's not busy pushing his truck around on the side of the highway, Mack knows exactly how to give the fans what they want on social media. Today, he's having some fun with a Charlie Strong quote that Texas A&M fans have been circulating around Twitter a lot over the last few days. 

In an article by ESPN's Chris Low about a possible resurrection of the Texas-Texas A&M rivalry, Charlie Strong admitted that he wasn't in a rush to play the Aggies due to the state of his young team.

Strong said he hasn't pushed his bosses at Texas to make the game happen.

"Let me win some games first," he said, jokingly. "Then I can push it. I don't know if I want to go walking into College Station right now."

 Obviously, Aggies have had a field day with that quote, including burgeoning t-shirt maven Daylon Mack.

">April 16, 2015

While A&M fans are having fun with the quote, they would probably enjoy a chance to beat the Longhorns on the field way more. Let's get it going, schools.