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Former Aggies RB To Texas DC: "Manziel Would Have Put 60 Points On Any Defense You Would Have Fielded"

The war of words between Texas and Texas A&M continues, despite no plans for the two to ever play on the field again. Last night, Longhorns defensive coordinator Vance Bedford irked Aggies fans when he implied that former quarterback Johnny Manziel isn't NFL-ready, saying he's been playing "backyard ball" the past few years and that he'll have to "learn" how to become a quarterback in the pros. Almost immediately, another former Aggie, running back Brandon Leone, who played from 2002-2006, came to his defense.

">May 5, 2014

Bedford has made numerous stops in college football, including Texas, Louisville, Florida, Oklahoma State and Michigan. Whether he ever had a defense that would have been capable of stopping Manziel is up for debate. Regardless, this rivalry is far from over, despite what both schools' administrations are claiming.