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Houston Board Chairman: If Tom Herman Leaves, It Won't Be Because Of Money

Not surprisingly, Houston appears to be preparing to make every effort to hang onto Tom Herman.

Herman is the hottest name on the coaching market. Texas is expected to pursue him heavily, provided they eventually part ways with Charlie Strong as expected. He's also reportedly one of four people LSU is targeting for its opening.

There are other schools that will also love to have Herman, but University of Houston board chairman Tillman Fertitta told Fox 26 Sports in Houston that if Herman leaves H-Town, it won't be due to money.

“I do not fear a bidding war for Tom,” Fertitta said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. “We’re not going to lose him over money. If he wants to leave, he’s going to leave. I don’t think Tom Herman has any desire to leave over money. It’s because he would want to go to a program where he feels like he personally has a better chance of competing for a national championship every year.

“We will do whatever it takes to keep Tom Herman at the University of Houston. We’re not going to lose Tom Herman because of money. If Tom Herman wants to go LSU or Texas or Oregon or Baylor or wherever else, we cannot stop him from doing that. He’s not going to leave because of money.”

Why might Herman ultimately leave? Fertitta hinted at that in his interview.

“Tom has a buyout in his contract as all college football coaches have,” Fertitta said. “If he wants to leave, Tom Herman can leave and there is nothing we can do to keep him here. Tom might want to compete for a national championship every single year and he may think he might have a better opportunity at another school. We think the opportunity is very good here.”

Herman currently makes $3 million this year at Houston. Whether he stays or goes, he will likely be receiving a substantial increase in salary.

Houston is 9-2 and ranked 18th in the country. The Cougars are coming off a huge 36-10 win over Louisville last Thursday and face Memphis this week.