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Jay Bilas Fires Back At Texas AD Steve Patterson, Says He Has "Uneducated Views"

Earlier this week, Texas AD Steve Patterson, while taking in the College World Series, spoke his mind about the futureof college athletics. In his rant, which was aimed at those who oppose the current state of affairs, he specifically called out ESPN college basketball analyst Jay Bilas, who has been critical of the NCAA and its practices for some time now. Bilas, on Twitter, actually responded the same day the news was released. He claims Patterson has "uneducated views". He also said that Patterson needs a "basic logic course".

">June 23, 2014

Patterson's comments, for those who don't want to read the whole interview, dealt with the value of scholarships. He claims that Bilas' view that they're "worthless" hasn't been challenged.

Bilas never seems to back down from any of his comments or views and also appears to be willing to take on anyone associated with the NCAA. If there is reform in the next few years, he'll have had a lot to do with it.