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Jose Canseco Wants To Be The Next Head Coach At Texas, Tweets Out Ideas On How To Fix Program

This guy.

Former Major League Baseball all-star Jose Canseco always seems to like to throw hit hat into the ring - whether it's for an open position in either politics or sports. He once campaigned to becomethe Mayor of Toronto. This September, upon hearing that MLB commissioner Bud Selig would be stepping down from his position, Canseco argued on Twitter that he would be the ideal candidate to take over the role. Now, he wants to be the next head coach at Texas. You can't make this stuff up.

Check out this epic Twitter rant:

So what did we learn? Texas needs stronger players, another Vince Young and Baylor's recruiting coach. The Longhorns also need to leave the Big 12 for the SEC, and go for it more on 4th down to avoid being "pantie-wearing aggies." Also, Canseco cannot spell "fourth".

It's not quite the diapered goats moment, but it's up there.