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Kevin Durant Held Back From Heckler Who Called Texas 'Butt'

Warriors staffer holds back Kevin Durant from heckler.

TMZ Sports

Kevin Durant had one of his best games ever last night. Durant hit a number of huge shots en route to a 43-point performance on just 23 shots, including a big dagger three in the final minute of the game.

His superstar teammate Steph Curry had been the team's top performer through two games. Much of the focus has also been on LeBron James, who has been putting up incredible efforts each night, falling just short of upset wins in games one and three.

Last night, Durant was the clear best player on the winning team. You'd think he'd be happy.

Of course, he is also one of our most sensitive star athletes, as we've seen with the outing of his Twitter burner accounts, and a few illuminating appearances on Bill Simmons' podcast.

After the game, his reaction to one opportunistic heckler showed it again.

A fan at the Golden State Warriors' team hotel taunted Kevin Durant and mocked his Texas Longhorns.

Naturally, he recorded the heckling himself, and then turned around and sent it to TMZ. He got Durant's attention enough that one of the star forward's handlers had to keep him from responding.

From TMZ:

KD -- fresh from hitting that dagger that gave Golden State a 3-0 series lead over Cleveland -- was returning to the Ritz-Carlton ... where Cavs fans were heckling him on the way in.

They shouted stuff like "you suck" and "where LeBron at?" -- but the one that got him to turn around ... "KD, UT's butt!"

Obviously, Durant went to the University of Texas ... and he stopped in his tracks to stare the heckler down.

Don't mock Durant's Longhorns, even if it is way outside Texas's football or basketball season, and directly after one of the biggest performances of his life. He really doesn't like that, evidently.