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Kirk Herbstreit Calls Texas Football A "Cesspool," To The Delight Of Aggie Fans

Kirk Herbstreit doesn't think Charlie Strong getting fired would be the worst thing for him.

During College GameDay this morning, discussion turned to the tumult at Texas. The roundtable discussed how many cooks are in the kitchen at Texas, citing the big-time boosters who have significant influence on the direction of the program.

Herbstreit's criticism of Texas was especially biting. He called Texas a "cesspool," and said that a big payout and getting "released" from Texas could be a good thing for the coach. The Aggie fans on certainly appreciated it.

"Well I think if you're Charlie Strong you have to have peace of mind, just because if they ask you to leave you're gonna get paid well, you're gonna get 'released.' When I said released, you're gonna get released from the cesspool of being in Austin, Texas, and the attitude that comes with being the head coach at Texas. To me, you chased away Mack Brown getting double digit wins, you're gonna chase away Charlie Strong, and whoever that next guy is, you're gonna chase him away."

Kirk Herbstreit goes on to question the actual attractiveness of the Texas job, given the crazy pressure that comes from not only the athletic director, but also the influential boosters, and the quick reactions to talk on message boards and sports radio.

Texas, with all of its resources and brand equity, is one of the premier jobs in all of college football, but it certainly has a unique set of obstacles and expectations. Money is not among the obstacles included, however, so we have no doubt that the Longhorns will be able to go and get their guy this off-season, should they move away from Strong. Whether or not he can satiate the fan base and boosters? That is another question entirely.