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Kirk Herbstreit Went On A Lengthy Rant About This Major Program Today

kirk herbstreit looking very tan at the nfl draft


Texas football is once again off to a disappointing start to the season. Kirk Herbstreit went on a long rant about the state of the Longhorns during this morning's episode of College GameDay.

Texas opened the year with a surprising loss at FedExField against Maryland. Last week, they beat Tulsa, but only by a touchdown.

Tom Herman is nowhere near the hot seat or anything, but the honeymoon is clearly over for him.

The program struggled late under Mack Brown, never got on track under Charlie Strong, and things don't look appreciably different with Herman, who has all kinds of success in state at Houston.

On College GameDay, Kirk Herbstreit said that Texas football has basically had the same level of success as Pitt over the last decade or so.

In 2009, Texas went to the national championship, where it lost to Alabama. Since, as Herbstreit says, the program has been very average, and no one can seem to figure it out.

Via 247Sports:

“I’m a big believer in Tom Herman, I think he can recruit and I think he can coach, but I continue to just sit here and scratch my head about Texas,” Herbstreit said. “This isn’t just a two-year thing with Tom Herman. It goes back to the year after they went to the national championship in 2009. Since 2010 to now, they’re a .500 team. That includes Mack Brown, Charlie Strong and now Herman. Can you imagine Texas with the resources, the facilities, the high school football … they are struggling to beat Big 12 teams.

"You’re talking about being at the same level as Pitt. Texas football … with Pitt. This is a huge year for Texas and they’ve got to get this thing turned around. You’ve got Jimbo Fisher doing things. You’ve got Lincoln Riley doing things. If Texas football wants to get back to being Texas, they’ve got to win games like these. To me, it’s a no-brainer. Texas has the most at stake (tonight)."

Since that trip to the national title, Texas is 53-48 overall, with four sub-.500 seasons. USC is still finding itself as well, and has a true freshman starting at quarterback, but Texas clearly needs this game at Austin pretty badly.

Herbstreit picked Texas to win the game.