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Longhorns Commit: "Texas Has Discipline, A&M Is A Circus"

The war of words between former rivals Texas and Texas A&M continues. This time, we're hearing from a player who hasn't even stepped foot in Austin yet - 2015 Longhorns commit DeShon Elliott. The future UT linebacker took a shot at A&M on Twitter, quickly deleted it, apologized for it, and then deleted the apology. 

"Texas has discipline. A&M is a circus."

"Sorry for voicing my mind A&M fans, players and prospects. And my other followers. It wasn't needed." - DeShon Elliott

The Aggies have had seven players arrested since the end of the 2013 season - hence the comment. One could also categorize Johnny Manziel's final season in College Station as a bit of a circus, for what it's worth.

Regardless, it's probably a good idea for players who haven't even entered college yet to hold their tongues until they win a few games. Can we get this rivalry back on the actual football field at some point, please?