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Mack Brown's Uber Driver Blasted His Coaching Ability

Poor Mack Brown.

He can't even avoid criticism in the state of Texas when doing something as innocent as riding in an Uber.

ESPN play-by-play guy Adam Amin shared a rather hilarious story from San Antonio last night. He and Mack, an analyst with ESPN, were sharing an Uber in San Antonio, as both are there for the upcoming Alamo Bowl.

Apparently, the Uber driver was a Texas fan who wasn't exactly fond of Mack's coaching ability.

Ouch. At least Mack handled it in stride. Hey, his tenure in Austin didn't end well but he did rack up a 158-48 record in 16 seasons, including 10 bowl wins and a national title in 2005.

Brown and Amin are on the call for tomorrow's Alamo Bowl between Oklahoma State and Colorado. Kickoff is set for 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.