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Major Texas Booster Red McCombs Wants To Add Houston To The Big 12

The subject of Big 12 expansion is once again a hot topic, and an influential booster at the conference's premier institution seems to think one school in particular would be a good fit. 

Prominent Texas donor Red McCombs told ESPN Radio today that the Big 12 needs to add two more programs to get back to a 12-team league, and he wants Houston to be one of the two.

">May 23, 2016

Here's the full McCombs quote, courtesy of

“I think we need to add two teams to the Big 12 and should have done it two years ago. The first one should be the University of Houston then it would be your choice of several others.”

As we wrote about before, Houston is one of four schools reportedly already lobbying to join the Big 12.

The Cougars were members of the old Southwest Conference and have a football program on the rise. It'll be interesting to see if McCombs' statements have any impact.

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