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Matthew McConaughey Is Pumped About Texas Beating Baylor

Matthew McConaughey raising his hands in celebration after Texas beat Baylor


Matthew McConaughey is a happy, happy man.

Texas just pulled off a massive upset over Baylor in Austin, and Matthew McConaughey is very excited about that:

There is a lot going on here.

McConaughey threw up the touchdown sign after it appeared that the Longhorns had taken a fumble back for an additional touchdown. The score was overturned, but Texas clinched the win moments later.

First off, let's talk about the kid in the orange Texas jersey. Did they have to stand behind that pole the entire game? It doesn't seem like there are any other places to stand, so maybe they actually did. Imagine watching a football game standing behind a pole for three or more hours.

The younger kid in the white jersey is without question the happiest person in Austin, Texas at the moment. Talk about pure joy. We don't know if the kid is related to McConaughey or not, but what a day to see Texas upset an unbeaten Baylor team alongside an Oscar winner.

McConaughey is a graduate of The University of Texas and is a very passionate Longhorns fan.