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Nebraska's AD Texted Bo Pelini Right After Mack Brown Rumors Broke

Communication is very important.

Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst reportedly wanted no part of any Mack Brown-to-Nebaska rumors. Bo Pelini, head coach, told reporters today that Eichorst immediately texted him after hearing the rumors, which were started by Brown's attorney Joe Jamail, claiming they were "ridiculous". Brown recently left Texas (or was pushed out) after 16 seasons with the Longhorns.

The quote certainly makes it seem like Pelini and Eichorst are on the same page. That being said, it's hard to take athletic directors at face value before the season is over. There is a contingent of Cornhuskers fans who would like the school to move on from Pelini - we'll find out very soon if they'll be getting their wish.