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New Texas A&M Athletic Director On Renewing Rivalry With Texas: "I Have No Objection To It"

Scott Woodward took over as Texas A&M athletic director back in January, and now he's weighing in on one of the hottest topics in Aggie sports: whether or not to renew the rivalry with Texas. The two teams have not faced off on the gridiron since Texas A&M left the Big 12 for the SEC, but fans on both sides would love to see the Aggies and Longhorns schedule a series. Woodward is okay with the idea too, though he doesn't believe it is imminent.

Woodward spoke to The Daily Trib about potentially putting Texas back on the schedule.

“We have to really assess what is our best path to winning the (Southeastern Conference) West,” Woodward said. “I don’t foresee anything happening in the near future. There are a lot of opinions well above my pay grade. Rivalries, I think, are healthy for the game.

“It’ll be something we’ll consider,” he added. “It’ll be a discussion I’ll have to have. I have no objection to it. It’s something that has to work for us and for folks.”

As fans of great college football rivalries, we really hope this can happen at some point. The sports would be better for it.

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