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Nick Saban Apparently Helped Ricky Williams Figure Out Why People Hate

He's a wise man.

Not only is Nick Saban a phenomenal football coach and a star on television, but he's also a great mentor to many athletes. He has obviously been an important figure in the lives of the many athletes whom he has coached, but his wisdom reaches many others as well. Today, former NFL and Texas Longhorns running back Ricky Williams shared on Twitter that Saban helped him figure out why people hate:

Williams, as he acknowledges, has seen a lot of ups and downs throughout his life, but as he also acknowledges, has many accomplishments that will never been taken away from him, such as the 1998 Heisman Trophy. Nobody can dispute for a second that Williams was a high-achiever during his playing career.

It's pretty cool that Saban helped Ricky understand the hater mentality. We're not sure if the pair actually talked or if this is just a Saban quote of old that Ricky came across, but Nick certainly knows what it's like to have others want to see him fail, so he's the right man to talk to about haters.