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Photo: Aggies Fans Are Trolling Texas With "Keep Mack" T-Shirts In College Station

Jabbing at Longhorns fans.

Fans of the University of Texas aren't particularly happy with their football program right now, particularly after last week's loss to BYU. Yesterday, there were rumors that the athletic director would be stepping down after the season (Texas shot them down), which could signal a complete regime change, including a new football coach to replace Mack Brown.

Brown was once revered in Austin, but now it appears that he has worn out his welcome. However, Texas A&M fans are mocking Longhorns fans by supporting Mack -- of course, they'd prefer that Texas keep a "bad" coach so the Aggies can be the premier in-state program. Check out these t-shirts currently being sold in College Station:

The back of the shirt makes fun of Brown because he tried to recruit Johnny Manziel as a safety before -- he also did the same with RGIII.

Nothing like a little fun between rivals.