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Photo: Texas Alum Selling Trump-Esque "Make UT Football Great Again" Hat

Throughout the beginning of his run for the Republican nomination, Donald Trump's primary fashion accessory has been his "Make America Great Again" hat. 

An enterprising University of Texas alum and his friends have taken Trump's headgear and transformed it into a money-making opportunity and a way of expressing frustration at the stumbling Longhorn football program. 

Will Shoff, a 2015 graduate of UT, has begun selling the hats on Tilt. He spoke with about the business venture.

Shoff made clear this isn’t a long-term merchandise venture and it’s all in good fun for a laugh.

“We thought our friends would want it and it would be funny,” Shoff said. “We’re not in this to make a quick buck and bail; we’re in it because we’re UT fans and we think it’s funny.

This is pretty clever on Shoff's part. Expect others to copy this idea for their struggling franchises or college programs.