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Photo: This Texas A&M Fan's Groom's Cake Features An Aggie Bonfire Complete With Roasting Longhorn

"Beat the hell out of TU"

We love to feature awesome college sports-themed cakes here at College Spun, for two reasons: many fans make incredible pieces of artwork supporting their teams that we believe deserve to be shown off, and of course, we simply love cake. Today, we've found another masterpiece, from a die-hard Texas A&M fan.

Texas A&M-Texas was a fantastic annual rivalry that sadly ended after 2011 when the Aggies moved from the Big 12 to the SEC. Longhorns fans love to look down on the Aggies, and the A&M students created a yearly tradition known as 'Bonfire' to express their "burning desire to beat the hell out of TU" -- clear disrespect to Texas. Though the game isn't scheduled to be played anymore, the rivalry lives on among the fans:

Boom, roasted.

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