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4-Star TE Reese Leitao Allowed To Join Texas Football After Pleading Guilty To Drug Charge

Freshman Reese Leitao will remain on scholarship with the Texans Longhorns despite pleading guilty to a misdemeanor drug charge.

Reese Leitao's future at Texas was uncertain following his arrest in February, but now it'll be like nothing ever happened.

Today, Texas athletic director Mike Perrin released a statement that Leitao will be allowed to be part of the Texas football program.

Check it out:

On February 28, Leitao was arrested at his high school in Tulsa, Oklahoma on a felony charge of drug possession with intent to distribute after he was found with 20 pill soft Xanax and nearly $1,300 in cash. After pleading not guilty to the initial felony charge, Leitao and his attorneys reached a deal with Tulsa County prosecutors last week to reduce the charge down to a misdemeanor that comes with no jail time and a four-year probationary period. The charge will be expunged from his record if he remains out of trouble for four years. With that in mind, some people aren't happy that he's being allowed to enroll.

Leitao is expected to compete for significant playing time for the Longhorns at the tight end position.