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Report: Charlie Strong "Cussed Out" His Staff After Iowa State Loss

There were plenty of more dramatic games on Saturday, with crazy finishes between Michigan and Minnesota, Duke and Miami, and Stanford and Washington State, but Texas' 24-0 loss to Iowa State is as shocking as any result from the weekend. The Longhorns, coming off of back-to-back impressive wins over Oklahoma and Kansas State, dropped to a 2-5 Iowa State team whose coached admitted that his team should have been overmatched.

">November 1, 2015

Austin American-Statesman columnist Kirk Bohls reports that Strong cursed out his staff after the game, complaining that they were out coached.

">November 2, 2015

Of course, Strong is right there with them, in terms of his staff being outdone by Rhoads'. Strong won back the trust of many Texas fans by beating rival Oklahoma. We have to imagine he lost many of them again this week.