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Skip Bayless Trashes Both Kevin Durant And LeBron James, Says Michael Jordan Would "Never" Have Left Chicago

Skip Bayless points to his eyes.


Skip Bayless is no longer on television on a daily basis given his move from ESPN to FOX Sports, but he's still finding a way to troll star athletes anyway. Monday, Bayless took to Twitter after hearing about Kevin Durant's decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State. He believes that Michael Jordan would "never" have left Chicago to team up with other superstars in search of an NBA title.

He then took a shot at both Durant and LeBron James - who made a similar move back in 2010 - stating that they aren't Jordan. In short, he doesn't think Jordan would have ever felt the need to get help from the outside to get it done.

">July 4, 2016

Bayless is one of the biggest trolls in sports history, but there are going to be a lot of people who agree with him this time around. Regardless, Durant did what he believes was best for him.