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Texas DE Charles Omenihu Says Texas A&M "Doesn't Belong" In The SEC

The back-and-forth between Texas and Texas A&M continues. Tuesday morning, Aggies defensive tackle Daylon Mack trolled the entire Big 12, posting a graphic showing NFL Draft picks by conference. Longhorns defensive end Charles Omenihu is the latest to respond. He says that Texas A&M doesn't "belong" in the SEC, and that the statistics don't prove anything regarding the Aggies.

">February 2, 2016

">February 2, 2016

Is Omenihu right? Well, sort of.

Texas A&M, in 2013, saw five players drafted. In 2014, it was three - all in the first round. Last year, it was two.

That means that of the 166 players drafted out of the SEC, just 10 were from Texas A&M. Alabama, meanwhile, had 24 players picked.

The Aggies did have five first-round picks in that time span, so you can make an argument that they've produced some elite talent. Either way, this likely won't be the last word between players at the two rival schools.