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Texas' Defensive Coordinator Says Johnny Manziel "Will Have To Learn How To Be A QB" In The NFL

Texas defensive coordinator Vance Bedford has only been in Austin for a few months, considering he came over from Louisville with head coach Charlie Strong. But he's already needling one of the Longhorns' biggest rivals' fan bases - Texas A&M. Bedford, who never had to coach against former Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel in college, clearly doesn't think the future NFL signal-caller is ready for the professional level. He's of the opinion that Manziel played "backyard ball" and will now have to learn how to play quarterback in the NFL.

Bedford later went on to say that regardless, it's great to see any player from Texas getting drafted.

Only time will tell if Bedford is right, and that Manziel's game won't translate well into the league. It's a bit strange that he's denouncing the former Aggie this close to the draft, but hey, we've seen crazier things happen in in-state rivalries.