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Texas Defensive Tackle Trolls Baylor's Players After Longhorns' Win

Paul Boyette gets interviewed after Baylor game.

Paul Boyette

Baylor's been a better football program than Texas over the last five years. That is not an opinion; it's a fact. The win-loss records do not lie (Baylor is 49-15, Texas is 36-28). 

Still, with Texas being the flagship program in the state, some Longhorns' players feel a sense of superiority over the Bears (and the state's other programs). 

This was evident today. After Texas' 23-17 win against Baylor, Longhorns' defensive tackle Paul Boyette trolled the Bears, saying all their players wished they were recruited by UT. 

">December 5, 2015

Mike Finger summed it up pretty well with this tweet.

">December 5, 2015