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Texas Player Tweets At Rapper Lil B Asking He Remove Curse On Longhorns

Brandon Christopher McCartney, better known as Lil B or The Based God, is a rapper known for his colorful social media presence and self-proclaimed ability to put the "Based God curse" on people or things. One of those said to be afflicted by Lil B's curse is Oklahoma City Thunder star and Texas alum Kevin Durant

This afternoon, current Texas football defensive end Bryce Cottrell tweeted at Lil B, asking him to remove whatever "curse" was crippling the Longhorn program. Texas, in case you missed it, is 1-4 on the season and is dealing with players going back and forth at each other on social media. 

">@LILBTHEBASEDGOD idk what we did wrong but please forgive the Longhorns for any wrong doings all mighty based god

— Bryce Cottrell (@brycecottrell27) October 5, 2015

No one was even sure if Based God had put a curse on the Longhorns in the first place, but either way, he responded to Cottrell.

">October 5, 2015


— Bryce Cottrell (@brycecottrell27) October 5, 2015

Well, that exchange was certainly something. Will it help Texas though? It's doubtful.