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Texas QB Sam Ehlinger Claps Back At SEC Coach's Trash Talk

A closeup of a Texas Longhorns cheerleader.

KANSAS CITY, MO - MARCH 12: A Texas Longhorns cheerleader performs in a game against the Iowa State Cyclones during the quarterfinal round of the Big 12 basketball tournament at Sprint Center on March 12, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)

Texas A&M's new assistant coach, Tim Brewster, likes to talk some trash on Twitter. He did it while he was at Florida State and how he's doing it with the Aggies.

Lately, Brewster's trash talk has centered on recruiting and how great of a league the SEC is. Basically, Brewster, the tight ends coach at Texas A&M, is taking shots at Texas, telling recruits that they'd be crazy to want to play in the Big 12 over the SEC.

"To say that the Big 12 is even on the same planet with the SEC is straight crazy. The elite players in Texas totally understand," he wrote last night.

He's also said stuff like: "Some schools just follow...the leader in the State of Texas is Texas A&M and the ballers know!"

This doesn't seem to be sitting well with people in the Big 12. Specifically, Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger is kind of annoyed.

Ehlinger, a former 4-star recruit from Austin, clapped back at Brewster on Twitter this morning. He told the Texas A&M head coach to stop riding the coattails of Alabama.

That's a good response. It's fair.

The SEC does typically boast the most elite recruits of any conference in the country, but when it comes to on-field production, Texas A&M has done very little to be boasting on Twitter.