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Texas Quarterback Tyrone Swoopes "Expects" The Longhorns To Make The College Football Playoff

No one expects a player to admit that his team will not reach the highest level, especially not just four weeks into the season. However, it certainly seems unlikely that with two losses already, Texas will find a way into the inaugural College Football Playoff. Don't tell that to quarterback Tyrone Swoopes, however:

">September 22, 2014

Of course, Swoopes does leave open the possibility of Texas "only" making a bowl game, although he doesn't seem thrilled about it.

">September 22, 2014

If the Longhorns somehow run the table and win the Big 12 in convincing fashion, they could conceivably grad a spot, but only if they get a lot of help from conferences like the Big Ten and ACC. We expect that Swoopes will be a bit disappointed, come December.

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